Environmental Update - July 2014

As part of Hung Hing’s on-going focus on Environmental improvements, several environmental protection projects are currently being worked on.  The following are currently being reviewed as to the benefits they can offer; replacing day-light tube with LED bulbs, using a smart-meter to measure electricity usage (which fully records usage down to minute / second intervals for detailed analysis) and lastly a dampening solution filtering system with the potential to reduce VOC emissions by 1 tonne per machine per year.
With a focus on recycling materials, the recycling figures for the first half of 2014 are as follows;
Waste paper
SZ&HS 14,000T
All factories 25,000T
SZ&HS 352,000kg      
All factories  354,000kg
SZ&HS 50,000kg       
All factories  72,000kg

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